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We are starting to promote out our community of customers:
Why Gaia?


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We are starting to promote out our community of customers:

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...from Glasgow with love:

The lyrically explosive, musically diverse, eclectic Funk Rock Hybrid with a Hip-Pop twist have power they are encouraging & sing of life connecting to all ages. The bands distinctive sound and look is a result of four unique musicians coming together to create an extraordinary fusion. Rehearsing original songs in the streets of Glasgow, Scotland, was the sound board and birth of the band.

Why Gaia?

Gaea(/ˈɡ.ə/or/ˈɡ.ə/; fromAncient GreekΓαῖα "land" or "earth;" alsoGæa,Gaia, orGea;Koine Greek: Γῆ) was the primalGreekgoddesspersonifying theEarth, the Greek version of "Mother Nature," or theEarth Mother, of which the earliest reference to the is theMycenaean Greek, "Mother Gaia," written inLinear Bsyllabic script.
Please take a look at Greek mythology for a better understanding of the goddess's story.

Gaia is also use in the italian language as adjective to indicate an happy person.


Ciao ciao! Gaia Italian cafè Blog is ready to start, a kind of diary of these days .... days that see us really close to a beginning (we have just open and almost close to celebrate our first month)... you know when a new place open whoever take part of it, could be the landlord, could be a coordinator and assistant, could be a closer and unforgettable friend, could be family, could be a financial support, could be the electrician, the plumming guy,  the workers and the head of them, could be friends, could be customers, could be food, could be a sales rapresentative, could be the equipment shop,  could be life and all her mistery and willing, could be and is anyone we have met during this path but all of them have been part of a project; Gaia Italian Cafè has been a project and has received the help of a lot of persons and efforts and as a first page we want to say THANK YOU to all of them, thank you for having help us in making this place possible, without all of them this would not have been possible!
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