Gaia Italian Cafè - Earth at your table - italian cafè and shop

When you visit Gaia Italian Cafè, you're in for a treat or maybe just a 
curiosity or on a good purpose to support a new neighbor. Whatever the reason you came in, we hope you are ready to share an experience of some that does not want to be pretentious but wants and hopes to be liked in the same way we make food, with love and passion.
Try our fresh home made spinach and bufala ricotta gnocchi, or get lost in a nice sandwich made with our bread, fresh baked every morning with our selected imported salumi that you can also buy by the weight in our small salumeria, or at least, just try a coffee - you can not go wrong - Illy is a star, italian roasted coffee.

..If you want to indulge in our nutella pastries, you are more than welcome and we will not tell to anyone your indulgence.
Our concept is to use love and balance in choosing and making our dishes, considering also a healthy way to eat and use daily .  Gaia uses a basic philosophy imported from the mediteranian culture . 
Our warm and charming atmosphere we hope will relax you and if you want to read some italian magazines they are available in our small library just by  the window ... a joke came out about how a window on the street has a main importance in New York, to be used only as library is a pity, we reply that is true but you know how italians are. alway so romantici!
Daily specials are also added to the daily menu already established.
Gaia Italian Cafè is the perfect destination anytime you are hungry.
We serve italian breakfast, lunch 6 day a week and dinner twice a week.
Reservation on dinner nights especially friday and saturday
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