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A few things you should know about this business

1. We are a small team and we do homemade food, means that you will have to wait a little bit longer ... grandmother use to say 'good food need time' we hope you will enjoy it. And also means that sometime we can run out of food, or bread and we are forced to close the place.


TWe are enviromental friendly, we try not to use plastic or if we do is a recycle one. All our container are compostable and need to be add to the regular garbage and not to the recycle bag.  We will not give you plastic forks but metal one that you can return at your convenience or you can keep in your bag for the next delivery. Some awarness about the effort that we need to do in little things is for us very important.


The shop is very small. We kindly ask you to place the order and then to wait outside the calll once is ready so other custmer can come in and do the same.


Gaia is dedicated to Mother Earth, that's the name that the Ancient Greek use to give to our beautiful Planet. Is also well narrated in any Ancient Mithology Dictionary available online where you can find all the story about Mother Earth.


try to understand that we are against everything that is outside any loving human behave, we are focus on community and the way we should learn to respect more Earth and Animals beside each of us. We kindly request some use of water and electricity in each other house and when we drive, we encourage to shut down the engine when you are double park or waiting for someone to reach us. Any extra pollution in the Universe in this moment is very harmful for the future of our kids.
out separately, appetizer followed by entree followed by dessert, instead of coming out at the same time


We have only two table outside that can be use to dine in for a 30 minutes to an hour, then we kindly ask to leave the possibility to other members of the community.


some people are not receptive to what we do and why we keep prices so low, we will keep doing it but please some respect on your side also as a customer, Gaia is based on food not on entarteinement.

8. Our bread is homemade daily, we try to bake as much as we can however is a community sharing. you will receive the right amount but do not ask for more.

telephone: 646 350 3977 email:

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