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update on December 2023

Due again to an exhausting Harassment that the business is going
trough since long time,
we have close our location  on 226 east 3rd st.
and we will be ONLINE
on our social media and on Chow now  for catering and pop up event

JUNE 2022

WE are very happy to inform our customer that we HAVE OPEN a location   not a Dine in 
a TO GO place:

It is located at:
226 East 3rd street

New York, Ny 10009
tel.  646 350 3977

Our hours are for now:
Frpm Tuesday to Friday from 11 am to 5 pm
and on Sunday from 3 pm to 7 pm.


"We have close our operation on july 26th 2020 in due to the end of the lease and to a not pleasant situation that was affecting the café since two years from the above tenant. 

...any update for future reopening or news about the café will be posted on this web site and on our Instagram and Facebook page. 

We will stay in silence for a little, in the mean time we share this 'Heart" that has always represented our commitment and love for people, food and our beautiful earth."

Please before taking your first trip to the cafe, read our INFORMATION PAGE, it will help to Understand how the cafe works. Is also auspicable EDUCATION AND RESPECT as customers, we reserve the right to not serve disrespectfull behavings.


We are a small team very focused on our job, be soo kind to reduce your amount of questions when at the counter, this allows us to be effecient and price sensitive. All the informations that you need are on the web site. We are also dedicated in training youth at-risk, talented people and dis-advantage one to work in the world of kitchen that reproduce a lot of the life challenge we face in life.


When you visit Gaia Italian Cafè, we hope you are ready to share an experience that does not want to be pretentious but wants and hopes to be lived in the same way we make food, with love and passion.


We strongly believe that in 2019 we need some awareness on the global warning and what it means to be guest on this earth, so we decided to reproduce some of the basic laws that a community should be base on and that's our policy: we will ask to customers to be part of community more than be just focus on themselves and their needs as a customer (lasagna and bread are community sharing) (container to go will not always be available and on Friday and Saturday we do not do to go).


Our fresh home made food such as spinach and ricotta gnocchi, burratina with mushrooms, sandwiches, bread, meatballs, lasagna, pastas, are fresh baked at the moment you place your order and not before, this also means that you will have to wait a litlle bit more than you are used too. The cafè is based on sharing a way of italian life style in which customers are invited to be aware what it means to eat fresh food and not massive not fresh productions.


We strongly believe in a diet based on a balance between meat, vegetables, cheeses, carbodraits and protein and in a awareness to be part of an amazing Universe that provide us such good resources and we need to do our part as a conscious human beings, paying respect and not being greedy in pretending what earth can not produce in such big quantity without damaging the enviroment.


Our concept is to use love and balance in choosing and making our dishes, considering also a way to eat and use daily . Gaia uses a basic philosophy imported from the mediteranian culture and diet.


Our warm and charming atmosphere we hope will relax you and if you want to read some italian magazines they are available in our small library just by the window ... a joke came out about how a window on the street has a main importance in New York, to be used only as library is a pity, we reply that is true but you know how are. alway so romantici!



Daily specials are also added to the daily menu already established.



Gaia Italian Cafè is the perfect destination anytime you are hungry.

We serve italian breakfast, lunch 6 day a week and dinner twice a week.




telephone: 646 350 3977 email:

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